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Jillian Leff is an actor and playwright based out of Chicago. She is originally from Cleveland, OH and holds a BFA in Acting from Ball State University (chirp chirp). In addition to working with different theatres across the city, she is an Ensemble Member with Babes with Blades Theatre Company. When she isn't focused on the acting and writing thing, she can most likely be found binging a TV Show or running her Potato Review Instagram, @chitowntaters
FEBRUARY 7, 2020: Babes With Blades announces their yearly Fighting Words New Play Festival. Jillian will choreographing a fight from SCUM and reading for Lenore in Nina the Hellhound. The festival is February 29 - March 1.
FEBRUARY 5, 2020: Jillian is announced as the Script Supervisor/Editor for the webseries Drip, premiering August 2020.
JANUARY 23, 2020: The New Colony announces it's cast and production team for Other Rockpools, opening July 15. Jillian will be the Fight Choreographer for this show.
JANUARY 3, 2020: Jillian's play Missed Opportunities is named one of Picture This Post's top shows from 2019!
DECEMBER 31, 2019: Women of 4G, produced by Babes With Blades, is named one of Theatre by Numbers' Top 5 Shows of 2019. Jillian played Pierce in this Midwest Premiere.
DECEMBER 1, 2019: Jillian receives a Recommended Pass in her Single Sword SPT

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